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KAQUN water, unique in its nature, was born as a result of research work of twenty years, and represents an absolutely unique development in water chemistry.

What is ?

Simply put, KAQUN, (pronounced "KA-COON") is a sustained water-integrated oxygen delivery system for your body. KAQUN's proprietary oxygenation process is delivered through water. This unique procedure re-engineers the water so that stabilized oxygen remains in the water.


When consumed by your body (by drinking, bathing, or applying directly to your skin in gel form), KAQUN’s oxygen-infused water migrates to HYPOXIC (oxygen deficient) cells by way of the natural pressure differential between the consumed oxygen and your body’s deficient cells.


At your body’s hypoxic cells, the availability of KAQUN’s bound chains of oxygen are immediately absorbed to reenergize normal cellular respiration (where the cell’s mitochondria processes glucose into the production of energy, also known as ATP - Adenosine triphosphate).


Most importantly, KAQUN sustains the cellular absorption of bounded oxygen for hours after initial consumption. KAQUN water penetrates the skin directly, permeating the interstitial fluids and connective tissue and thereby delivering higher levels of oxygen than have been possible before.

KAQUN water provides required levels of oxygen needed for peak health, vitality, immunity and longevity.


But how does work?

Oxygen is essential to wellness. Human bodies are not getting anywhere near the required levels of oxygen needed for peak health, vitality, immunity and longevity.

Until now, the delivery of highly absorbable and usable oxygen has been limited by the exchange of CO2 with Oxygen at the level of the blood, and the degree to which the lungs can accept high concentrations while breathing highly concentrated Oxygen.

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What if you lack the necessary oxygen?

Hypoxia is defined as, "a condition in which the body, or a region of the body, is deprived of adequate oxygen supply at the tissue level." The widespread result of a body's cellular hypoxia ultimately leads to the occurrence of cell injury, and irreversible cell death. Early signs of hypoxia include anxiety, confusion, and restlessness; if hypoxia is not corrected, hypotension will develop.

O2 Is The Difference

While the manufacturers of other "oxygen rich water" claim rejuvenating effects to your body, none of them can deliver sustained oxygen directly to your cells. If your cells aren't receiving the oxygen, then what's the advantage?

Oxygen deficiency is a direct precursor to nearly all illnesses and disease. Without this vital element, human life ends in approximately 6 minutes.

KAQUN is a unique system because it uses water to transport bonded chains of oxygen into your body and then your body's internal pressure differential naturally distributes these oxygen chains (clusters) to your cells where sustained respiration can be renewed within hypoxic cells and throughout your body.

Seizing The Advantage

KAQUN water, unique in its nature, was born as a result of research work of twenty years. This drinking water made with a special procedure originates from Singapore. The first device able to bind the active oxygen in pure water was made in 1981. After that twenty years of research work and development followed when the high oxygen content KAQUN water could come into the consumer market.



The difference between winning and participating often comes down to how well you leverage every competitive advantage. In preparing your body for peak performance, you must be ultra-conscientious about workouts, rest periods, diet and health regiments, etc., and now, pre-oxygenation, by drinking KAQUN, can be added to that list.

Simply put, oxygenated cells produce more energy, and when sustained, equates to improved physical performance for longer periods of time; KAQUN understands and supports the achievement of victory!


You may have heard the adage, "good health is not often appreciated until you don't have it anymore." How true this is! Your choice in maintaining peak mental, physical, and spiritual health is no accident; it's your investment in YOU.

Seeking out a holistic approach to good health is a wise investment and is the foundation for KAQUN’s continuous efforts to provide you with the oxygenation resources. Our mission is to ensure your body's cells can sustain the fight against diseases which can often be instigated through the effects of hypoxia brought about by genetics, illness, or age.


Living in today's fast and constantly busy world is more exciting (and demanding) than ever before. With this lifestyle comes the great responsibility for each individual to make wise choices. In order to continue to pursue youthful activities, one must consider the demands that are increasingly placed on their body.

Ensuring that our body's cells remain fully oxygenated, we can continue to improve normal respiratory function, (and cellular toxin removal), as well as preserve the improved youthfulness, specifically by how our bodies perform and in our physical appearance.

Why Works

KAQUN water represents an absolutely unique development in water chemistry that is able to prevent hypoxia (the lack of oxygen in the body) without side-effects, due to its highly-bound oxygen content. KAQUN water is created by a specific treatment process that enables substantially increased absorption effects in the body.


KAQUN water can be delivered to the body in two forms: through the skin (KAQUN gels and baths) and by drinking KAQUN water.


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Medical Advisory Board

KAQUN has put together a diverse group of board members to continue the research of oxygenated products.

Dr. Robert Lyons
President of Board & Chief Executive Officer, European Kaqun System
From 2001 to the present Dr. Lyons has been Head Physician of Kaqun Hungary, LTD, where he developed and organized Kaqun studies. In 2010, President Barack Obama gave Dr. Lyons an award for helping mankind.
Sandor Kulin MD
Medical Director
Ivan Szalkai MD
Scientific Advisor
Janos Hunyadi MD DSc
Scientific Advisor
Gyula Sebestyen MD Ph.D.
Board Member
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Top Customer Questions

  • With the KAQUN proprietary process, does the molecular structure of the water change?

    Yes, the restructuring process enables KAQUN to store several times more oxygen than other waters and the special structure gives stability to the product.

  • Does the oxygen get released right after opening the bottle? If not, how does it maintain high oxygen content?

    KAQUN is not pressurized so opening the bottle will not release the oxygen. Besides the measurable dissolved oxygen, KAQUN contains a high amount of oxygen in a molecularly bound form.

  • What method do you use to detect the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water?

    Any commercially available dissolved oxygen meter would get reading of the free gas form of oxygen in KAQUN. Please note that the structurally bound oxygen cannot be measured by these meters.

  • What studies are you currently working on with KAQUN?

    Numerous previous studies had been performed on the efficacy and safety of KAQUN to restore normal oxygen levels in tissues and on its beneficial consequences. (These are available, by request). Currently, a double blind study is about to finish on KAQUN effects on diabetes.

  • Are you located in any grocery stores? Any plans to sell in stores?

    KAQUN is not sold in stores but in KAQUN Spa Centers, through practitioners and direct through the KAQUN website. KAQUN is an oxygen delivery product, and thus, would lead to confusion to find it among normal drinking water products that are available in grocery stores.

  • Is there a limit on how much KAQUN I can drink?

    There is no restriction of the consumed amount of KAQUN. However, we have seen that most clients reach full effect by drinking not more than 1 full bottle a day (50,7 oz).

  • Are there any side effects I should be aware of when drinking KAQUN?

    No side effect has ever been reported with KAQUN. Please note that the energizing and vitalizing effect of KAQUN may not be desirable at later parts of the day as this may change sleeping rhythm. In certain subjects, KAQUN will induce detoxification processes in the body which might cause symptoms. However these are natural processes of the body and not side effects.

  • Specifically, how much more oxygen is in a bottle of KAQUN compared with regular tap water and/or a leading bottled water?

    As the structurally bound form of oxygen cannot be directly measured we do not have a value for that. However, we do know for a fact that 8oz of KAQUN may raise the tissue oxygen content by at least 15% in the entire body, and the effect can last to up to 2 hours. Therefore, scientists assume that KAQUN may contain up to one hundred times more oxygen than other oxygenated water products.

  • Can I get a discount if I purchase in bulk?

    For volume discounts please contact us through our website.

  • How would this benefit a healthy adult that has no issues with oxygen levels?

    Tissue oxygen levels decline naturally as we age. A healthy adult around the age of 50 has 15% less tissue oxygen level than at the age of 20. So at any age if you can increase the tissue oxygen level by any amount you come closer to your younger age tissue oxygen levels with all the “youth benefits”.

  • How is KAQUN oxygenation different than just breathing my oxygen?

    Inhaled air oxygen gets bound to hemoglobin in the red blood cells and your cells access to this oxygen depends on the state of circulation of that area of the body. It is also dependent of the mechanism whether the oxygen gets released from hemoglobin binding. However, KAQUN oxygen is a directly accessible form of oxygen to all your cells, not dependent to any third factors.

  • Simply put, how is the oxygen delivered inside the body once consumed?

    All your cells are surrounded by a liquid phase called extracellular matrix. By Herly’s Law of Physics, oxygen from KAQUN enters this extracellular matrix driven by the concentration difference between KAQUN and your tissues.

  • How can KAQUN continuously deliver oxygen to cells over an extended period of time?

    Besides the measurable dissolved oxygen, KAQUN has a high amount of structurally binded/stored oxygen that gets liberated over time. This acts as a time release pool of oxygen to your cells.

  • I am involved in competitive athletic events. Is there a recommended drinking regiment to maximize my performance?

    Each sport and each individual is different so we advise you to find your best regiment. However, many athletes prefer to drink 10-12 oz of KAQUN 1 hour before and the same amount after workout. If you drink during workouts, it is recommended that it should be KAQUN water as well.

  • My gym workout is both aerobic and anaerobic and lasts about an hour and a half, three/four days a week. What is the best time to drink KAQUN (I.e. before, during, or after my work-out)?

    Each sport and each individual is different so we advise you to find your best regiment. However, many athletes prefer to drink 10-12 oz of KAQUN 1 hour before and the same amount after workout. If you drink during workouts, it is recommended that it should be KAQUN water as well.

  • Why is KAQUN water so expensive?

    KAQUN is not expensive water; KAQUN is maybe the most accessible and affordable oxygen delivery system to your cells. Currently produced and imported from Singapore.

  • Will my age affect how my body absorbs the oxygen in KAQUN?

    Aging does not effect KAQUN oxygen utilization of your cells.

  • What is the difference between KAQUN and other “oxygenated” brands of water?

    KAQUN is not “oxygenated”; KAQUN becomes oxygen rich by our proprietary process without adding any oxygen to it. Besides the measurable dissolved oxygen within KAQUN, it contains a high amount of stable, structurally bound form of oxygen which is what differentiates KAQUN from oxygenated water products.

  • Can I mix KAQUN water with flavored additives?

    For best effect we advise you to drink KAQUN in its original form as your body will appreciate the clean water in addition to its oxygen content. However, the KAQUN properties will be kept for short term if you add flavors or other additives to it. We do not recommend storing the mix but rather drink immediately.

  • What is the shelf-life of KAQUN water?

    The shelf-life for unopened KAQUN water is one year. After opening, keep it cool and consume within 3 days. For best effect consume the same day.

  • Can KAQUN oxygenation improve a person’s metal acuity?

    Absolutely! Your brain is not more than 2% of your body weight, but consumes 20% of oxygen. The function of the brain is extremely oxygen dependent, and any additional bits of oxygen might have positive effect on mental acuity.

  • How effective is KAQUN against cancer/tumors?

    In scientific literature there is a massive body of evidence that oxygen is a modifying factor for tumor development and growth. It is also evidence based that the efficacy of chemo and radiation therapy is greatly dependent of tumor oxygen levels - the lower the oxygen levels the worse the therapeutic response.

    So patients undergoing oncological treatments might have better healing potential and might have less side effects as well as better appetite, better sleep, better psychological conditions and overall better quality of life if they combine their therapies with KAQUN.

  • I’m on a budget, so what can I do to optimize the oxygenation effects for each bottle of KAQUN?

    Start in the morning with at least 8oz of KAQUN water and drink at least 8oz at a time up to 6-7 times a day, depending on your budget allowance.

  • How exactly does KAQUN reduce the effects of cellular hypoxia?

    KAQUN oxygen by physics law enters your extracellular matrix (the fluid compartment around all your cells) forming a direct oxygen supply to your cells, even at places where the blood carried oxygen is not available or limited. Therefore, KAQUN not only reduces the effect/consequences of cellular hypoxia, but reduces the hypoxia itself.

  • How is KAQUN water made?

    KAQUN water is a result of a proprietary technical process. The drinking water is produced from high quality, extra-pure drinking water. The soaking water is produced locally from municipal tap water after proper pre-treatment.

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